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The Five Biggest Weight Loss & Fitness Myths

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Member Of The Month

  • July 2014 – Jose Cabrera

    Jose has been with us since September of 2012. It has been a true pleasure for all of us coaches to watch his progress over the years. Especially going from a shy kid who never talked to the sarcastic jokester he is now. He continues to do better and get stronger, and his sleeveless t-shirts become more and more epic as time goes on! We wish Jose the best of luck as leaves for college next month and we will certainly miss him! Here is what Jose has to say about his experience…. I’ve been coming ... Read more →

Dr. Brewster’s Monthly Blog

  • Recovery – Part 1

    Recovery – Part 1 The time after you exercise is more important than the time you spend exercising.  When we exercise it is with the goal of building ourselves up to be stronger, faster, and better. It helps us to become more healthy and increase our longevity. It helps us perform better in tasks of everyday life and builds our confidence to tackle any obstacle in our way. Exercise has an amazingly powerful ability to build us up, but it can also take us down. Let’s rewind a little h... Read more →


Fitness Articles To Keep You Motivated

  • What Is Pilates All About?

      What Is Pilates All About?   Joe Pilates originally developed his work to rehabilitate soldiers who had been injured in WW1. After the war he briefly returned to Germany. He was asked to train the German army. He declined and got on a boat to NYC. His Pilates method of exercise evolved from there. In NYC he trained many professional dancers. The dancers loved the lengthening and strengthening effects of the work. As well as the rehabilitation aspect. The fundamentals of the Pilates s... Read more →

Kingston Athletics News

  • Women’s Group Personal Training Free Trial

    Women’s Group Personal Training – Free Trial Classes We are just getting this new program off of the ground and wanted to offer everyone 2 free classes to see what it is all about.  This program will begin on July 7th and is specifically designed for women of all abilities.  It will be offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30am and also Saturday mornings at 8:00am.  This is not a group fitness class like you might be use to.  We will b... Read more →